Many people have heard of ketamine as an animal anesthetic or as a club drug. What most have not heard about this drug is the extensive studies about its rapid impact on depression and anxiety. The dosing of ketamine is critical. When used for treatment it is given in 1/10 to 1/20th the dose for anesthesia and is given slowly over 40 minutes rather than over 1 to 10 seconds.

Will ketamine therapy help my treatment resistant depression?

Based on research at major medical centers over the past 15 years, and in our experience, up to 70% of all patients can expect significant, and fast relief. Of course, we cannot predict any individual’s results. Our treatment is tailored in terms of frequency and dosage to each person, and we believe it offers your best chance of success.

How many ketamine infusions will I receive?

That will depend on your response. Most responsive patients receive a series of six infusions over two weeks, although some may require more. Dr. Fleming will work with you to customize your treatment plan for the best chance of success.

Are there any long term side effects with ketamine therapy?

Traditional medications often produce side effects such as sexual dysfunction and weight gain. However, ketamine therapy from Neuragain results in no known long-term side effects.

Are ketamine infusions addictive?


Do I need to be referred by a psychiatrist?

If you are not currently a patient of Dr. Fleming's, he will meet with you to discuss your diagnosis and treatment prior to coordinating treatment. Patients who are already seeing Dr. Fleming will work with him to determine readiness.

What medical conditions could keep me from receiving ketamine?

Thise are very few. Your Neuragain provider will discuss contraindications with you before you receive your first infusion.

Will I require ketamine infusions for the rest of my life?

Probably not. Some patients seem to achieve long-term relief after a series of infusions.

I am bi-polar. Will ketamine make me hypomanic?

Hypomania has not been reported following ketamine therapy.

Where is the treatment performed?

Dr. Fleming is a Neuragain specialist. All treatments are performed on an outpatient basis in his relaxing and comfortable location.

If ketamine therapy works for me how soon will I begin to feel better?

Some patients will begin to feel better within hours of the first infusion. Suicidal thoughts are often reduced rather rapidly. There can be a dramatic relief of dread and hopelessness. Other patients may not notice any mood improvement until the next day. Some patients will require a second (or even a third) infusion before feeling better.

Will my current psychiatric medications interfere with ketamine therapy?

Anti-depressant medications (SSRIs, MAOIs, and tricyclics) do not interfere with ketamine, and there is no need to stop them. Patients taking large doses of benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax and Klonipin) will have a reduced response to ketamine, but taking these medicines does not mean that ketamine cannot help you. Lamictal in doses over 100mg/day will blunt the ketamine response. Important: You should not decrease or stop taking any prescribed medication without first consulting your prescribing physician.

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